What is RON?

Remote online notarization is when a notary uses virtual and audio technology to notarize a signer. The technology allows the notary to notarize a signer by using that audio and virtual technology where the signer does not have to be in the notary’s presence. In short, using this technology, the signer and notary can be in different parts of the United States.

General Requirements to Insuring a RON Transaction

The lender must approve the RON transaction first! Some lenders do not allow a RON-signed document within their transaction. Also, some of Fannie Mae’s guidelines do not allow their documents to use a RON when the property is in California. RON can be done by another state that currently allows RON notaries. At present, no California notaries can perform a RON transaction. An approved out-of-state RON notary must do RON transactions. More than 42 states are approved to perform RON by either permanent approval or executive emergency orders. Below are some states that are approved to perform RON: – Nevada – Texas – Utah – Virginia-In which Virginia was the first state granted powers to perform a RON with out-of-country signers. Now, many other states are granted those powers. – Washington If your state is not listed, please check for approval

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